Application Instructions | tyre sealant


  1. The black cap is a valve core remover tool. Unscrew this tool from the top of the cap, and use it to remove the valve core from inside the tire valve stem.
  2. Attach the provided filler tube to both the bottle and valve stem. Squeeze in the recommended amount of sealant.
  3. Screw valve core back into tire valve stem.
  4. Inflate tire to recommended air pressure indicated on the outside of your tire. Spin the tire to distribute sealant to the puncture area if being used as a repair.

Note: If tire deflates after installation of sealant, examine tire to confirm that there are no punctures larger than 1/4″(6mm) in tubeless tires & 1/8″(3mm) in tube tires. Remove any puncturing objects, then reinflate and immediately spin tire to distribute sealant to the puncture area.

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