Easy Installation | tyre sealant review

Before installing Krishna Tyre Sealant it is important to visually check the integrity of both tyre, valve and rim for cracking or other signs of degradation.

The best time to install Krishna Tyre Sealant is when tyre is new and wheel has been recently balanced: this way both tyre and sealant lifetime will be maximized.

Please check specific product manuals before installing Krishna Tyre Sealant. If in doubt, consult your distributor.

Installation Requirements:

  1. SufficientKrishna Tyre Sealant for each tyre to be dosed.
  2. Valve core removal tool (supplied in DIY kits).
  3. Air compressor or foot pump.
  4. Axle support, car jack or similar

General Installation Guide:

  1. Support vehicle as if changing a wheel to prevent possible damage to tyre.
  2. Rotate wheel until valve is in the 4 or 8 O’clock position.
  3. Remove valve core using appropriate tool, and allow tyre to completely dis-inflate. Take care not to loose the valve core.
  4. InjectKrishna Tyre Sealant into the tyre via the valve, according to recommended dosage for tyre size and vehicle usage.
  5. Pump a small amount of air into tyre to clean valve.
  6. Re-insert valve core.
  7. Inflate tyre to manufacturers recommended pressure.
  8. Remove axle support.
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