KTS Tyre Sealant manufactured by Banke Bihari Industries | Tyre Sealant Manufacturer India

KTS Tyre Sealant manufactured by Banke Bihari Industries – Tyre Sealant Manufacturer India is an extraordinary puncture prevention system designed to seal tyre punctures instantly and permanently. Krishna Tyre Sealant can also repair a flat-puncture tyre. It is a boom for Indian roads.
Krishna Tyre Sealant – Tyre Sealer Manufacturer India also works as a coolent and also reduces the rate of heat produced in the tyre while driving. There by it increases the legal life of a tyre, decreasing the rate of diminishing of the tread area of a tyre against the road while driving. Air pressure also remains constant for a long time in a tyre having Krishna Tyre Sealant installed in it. Once installed our anti puncture liquid, it provides continuous protection for the life of the tyre against punctures and blowouts.
It is a life saving phenomenon. It is just like a health insurance as it saves life from accidents caused through punctures. It is non-hazardous, non-toxic and fully biodegradable. It is fully water soluble and can be washed away with water.
Krishna Tyre Sealant  is also effective for off road vehicles having tubeless & tube-type tyres treavelling at high or low speeds. It immediately seals existing or occured punctures and small bead leaks. It remains fluid inside the tyre sealing instantly and permanently numerous tread area punctures as they occur. It increases the tyre life and reduces the tyre related downtime cost on both high and low pressure commercial and industrial vehicles. Thereby converting a normal tyre into puncture proof tyre having Krishna Tyre Sealant  tyre sealant installed in it preventing puncture permanently.
It is injected through the tyre’s valve and forms a protective layer on the inner tread area of the tyre. When a sharp object (a nail) punctures the KTS tyre sealant treated tyre, Krishna Tyre Sealant is forced into the empty hole by internal air pressure forming a permanent guaranteed rubber seal repair.


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